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What Is Immigration Law?

Canadian immigration law is concerned with the admission of foreign nationals into Canada. Immigration Law focuses on their rights, responsibilities once admitted, and the conditions of their removal. The main body of law that governs immigration in Canada is the Immigration and Refugee Protection Act (IRPA). Introduced in 2002, this Act has goals which include economic growth, family reunification, and compliance with humanitarian treaties.

Experienced Immigration Lawyers

At Ace Law Group, our skilled lawyers provide a full range of immigration services for individuals, families, and businesses. Our firm specializes in many areas of immigration law including:

  • Immigration Appeals

  • Judicial Reviews

  • Refugee Claims

  • Super Visa

  • Study Permit

  • Visitor Visa

  • Spousal Sponsorship

  • Work Permit Application

  • Provincial Nomination Program

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Immigration Law

Every situation that we face, when it comes to Immigration Law, is slightly different than the last. With this in mind, we work very closely with our clients to develop a plan that is specific to their needs and will also result in the best outcome. Our customer-centric approach, experience, and passion are what set us apart and drive us to get you the results that we need to achieve for you.